We are happy to announce the creation of the Colorado, Wyoming and Utah SAQA blog. Your regional reps are Carol Ann Waugh and Christi Beckman. Your blog host is Liz Kettle. This blog will serve as your link to both SAQA and your fellow regional artists. Our SAQA region and blog can only be as strong as our members so be sure to send Liz your announcements, shows, new work and any information that your fellow fiber art enthusiasts may want to know.


6 thoughts on “

  1. Glad to have a regional SAQA blog. Thank you for your efforts.
    One suggestion – Perhaps if you changed the heading font to a bright yellow or gold it would show up more. On my monitor the black “SAQA” is lost in the fiber.

    I am currently setting up a website for my fiber art. Comments are welcome.

    • Hi Linda,
      Yes, we do need to change the color. I had about 20 minutes to get it set up and I haven’t had time to get back to play with changes yet. As soon as I get Chaos back in his box we will get rolling.

  2. Glad to get on board with this local project – look forward to communicating with our members in Utah and Wyoming, too.
    Will we have a gallery for our website?
    I’ll be interested to find out and post some work. It’d be fun to comment on each other’s art.


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