Layered Textile ~ Carol Ann Waugh


Carol Ann Waugh is a fiber artist and her one-woman exhibit showcases her current work that mixes geometric and organic textures with layer upon layer of complex surface tension. It’s about exploration where unexpected connections and juxtapositions can lead to new ideas and artistic expressions.

 Her intuitive process means not having complete control over the outcome of her work and as she layers, creates each line, shape or pattern, adds or take away color and stitch.  Carol looks at creating art like living life, each decision made leads to a different future choice.  It’s the thread of life decisions that weave the individuality of artistic expression.

 ICE CUBE GALLERY   3320 Walnut Street   Denver CO  303-292-1822

April 29 – May 21 2011                 Reception: Friday April 29 6-9 pm 

Gallery Hours: Friday 12-9 pm  Saturday 12-5 pm*  *Second Sat, (May 14) 12-9 pm 

For more information:


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