Textile Evolution ~ Finding Your Voice

Summer Leaves by Laura Cater-Woods Textile Evolution is a unique textile art and mixed media retreat hosted by Liz Kettle. This retreat is geared to both the fledgling and professional artist who wants to develop their skills and find their voice. The August 17-21, 2011 retreat, held in Colorado Springs, CO features classes that include topics such as Low Water Immersion Dyeing and collage with Judy Gula, Indigo and Shibori dyeing with Ruth Chandler, Mixed Media book making with Carol Sloan, Collage with a focus on understanding and implementing the design  and composition skills with Liz Kettle and a master class where you can delve deep into your art, explore innovative techniques and move your art to the next level with artist and creativity coach Laura Cater-Woods.

What makes Textile Evolution a unique retreat is small classes in a fabulous setting with teachers who are committed to giving focused time to each student. This summer commit to expanding your skills, find your voice and create art that comes from your soul.  Visit the Textile Evolution web site to learn more.


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