Small Vision Big Voice

Join us for the opening reception of Small Vision Big Voice this Saturday, September 8, 2012 from 5-7pm at Tactile. This exhibit includes 51 small art works from 23 artists of the Colorado Wyoming and Utah region of SAQA.

Immediately preceding the reception is the fall Colorado Wyoming and Utah regional meeting.Cass Mullane will be our speaker! Cass is a SAQA member artist and president and founder of Prosper Creatively: Business skills for right brainers and creatives. Cass will be leading us in a MIND MONKEY MAKEOVER: Tips to Transform Self-Talk and Calm the Chatter

 “Mind Monkeys” swing around from branch to branch inside your head telling you over and over things like “you can’t,” “you shouldn’t,” “you don’t deserve it,” and “it’s not possible.” They represent the unproductive, negative self-talk that we subject ourselves to.

This workshop will help you transform your personal “Mind Monkeys” into more positive, productive self-talk:

•        You’ll learn solid techniques you can use immediately both to identify the “Mind Monkeys” and to break the negative self-talk cycle.

•        You’ll learn what you can say to yourself that will replace the old worn out tapes playing in your head with more productive, forward looking thoughts.

•        Plus, you’ll walk away with your very own “Mind Monkey” card you can use to calm the chatter, clear your mind and get back on your chosen path.

Join us, then throw your “Mind Monkeys” a banana and send them packing!

If you know Cass you know this will be an entertaining and thoughtful program. We will also discuss upcoming SAQA events and would love to hear what you need!


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