2 Brits and a Sewing Machine at the Denver Art Museum


Miriam Basart & Kate Cox, known as “2 Brits and a Sewing Machine”, will be demonstrating their art in the museum’s classroom during the opening of “SPUN: Adventures in Textiles” May 18-19 2013.  The demonstrations are “hands on” and any visitor is welcome to join in and experiment along with Miriam and Kate.
Kate and Miriam are children of the 1940s London bomb sites, with the ‘make-do-and-mend’ mentality of British kids of the time.  Old fabrics hold a fascination for them, they use simple ways to achieve the effects they seek in art.  Color and marks on fabric excite and make them happy.  They hope their work will make you smile too.!

Miriam Basart’s textile art leans towards old clothes.  She cuts them apart, examines the weave and imagines the worn clothes with a new life. What role will the jackets and trousers play next? Men’s ties thrill her too – she disassembles, washes, presses, cuts apart and reassembles them.  They are then intricately hand stitched into interesting abstract patterns. 
Basart has also gained a reputation for her Mali mud cloth works, one of which “Falstaff“ will be permanently placed in the display case at the education textile art studio (Avenir Foundation of Textile Art).

Kate Cox uses a brush and paint as well as stitching to enhance her unique work. The colors of the mountains and the high desert area, where she used to live, constantly amaze her. Quilts, garments, waistcoats and wall hangings –  Kate is the queen of wearable art.  Kate’s work has appeared internationally in galleries and art centers.

“Spun: Adventures in Textiles”
The “2 Brits” demonstrations in the museum classroom will help focus interest on the new exhibition, in addition to the demonstrations on the opening days, they will also demonstrate their skills on the weekends of July 27-28 and August 3-4, other textile artists will also demonstrate on the weekends throughout the show.

Don’t miss this museum event, it will be educating and inspirational.

Miriam Basart 
303 485 9602

Kate Cox
719 207 2080



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