Dutch Fiber Artist Claudy Jongstra at MOA


MOA is pleased to announce the opening of Claudy Jongstra, an exhibition featuring the work of Dutch textile artist Claudy Jongstra.  Claudy Jongstra began her professional career in the fashion industry working with designers such as Donna Karan and Christian Lacroix.  Jongstra has spent the past 15 years utilizing her unique technique of felting wool and silk fibers together to create large scale wall tapestries in city halls, libraries and hospitals with architects such as Jo Coenen, Claus en Kaan, and Rem Koolhaas.  She and her team designed the tapestries and installations for the Dutch presidential residence, the Dutch Embassy in Berlin and recently for the Lincoln Center of Performing Arts in New York and the new building of the Barnes Collection in Philadelphia. Jongstra’s felts were also used in Star Wars: Episode 1 to create coats for the Jedi warriors.

The exhibit will run from April 13 to July 13

Jongstra will be giving a lecture about her process and and methods at 4 pm on April 13, followed by an Artist Reception from 5 to 9 pm

more about the exhibit and MOA here:  http://www.moaonline.org/EXHIBITIONSEVENTS/tabid/56/Default.aspx


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