Big News

Big News Our regional SAQA group will have a major show at the Lakewood Cultural Center in January 2016!The Lakewood Center has a large gallery, two story atrium and mezzanine area which will be wonderful place to showcase art quilters in our region.

Lakewood 1 Lakewood 2 Lakewood 3

The show title is “Above and Beyond”.

What you do that is above and beyond the quilt? Where do you push the limits? Start thinking now about what you will create or what you have in your portfolio to submit to this premiere venue.

BIG THANK to Marjorie Jannotta for writing the proposal accepted by Lakewood.

Katherine-a-la-PicassoPablo Picasso said “Good artists copy. Great artists steal!” There is something about using the energy and ideas of other other artists as inspiration. Here are two groups I heard from this week. One in Wyoming who had a field trip which resulted in show. The second group (which I am a member of)  got started with helping a group member get rid of a few of her large collection of kimono’s.

(Image “Katherine a la Picasso” by Jean Herman)

Christmas Open House at Old Trail Town and Museum of the Old West:                  Art Quilts and Traditional Quilts are on display at Christmas Open House at Old Trail Town and Museum of the Old West  (link here), in Cody, WY.   The Open House will take place on Nov 29th from 2-8 pm.  antique quilts on one side and our Old Trail Town Art Quilt Exhibit on the other. SAQA member

Linda MacDonald’s and other art quilters in the TAGY group  responded to a visit to  Old Trail Town by creating an art piece which represented an aspect of the site.

Linda’s  art quilt for the exhibit represents old glass bottles on a shelf in one of the buildings.  I was struck by the different colors in the glass.  I tried to duplicate the soft colors by dyeing silk and silk organza together.  The bottles are represented by the silk, and the reflections of the bottles on the glass shelf is represented by the organza. bottles-smThanks to Linda MacDonald (Powell, WY)



Kimono Kakushin

at Lafayette Public Library North Gallery Lafayette, Colorado through December 3, 2014

This exhibition shows authentic kimonos which have been stitched and surface designed using various media. “Kakushin” in Japanese literally means “true mind.” It embodies renewal, reform, and change from the status quo.kimono The show was created by Boundless FIber Artists, a local critique group which meets at the library. The is the second display of this group show. The Lafayette Public Library North Gallery is located at 775 W. Baseline Rd. in Lafayette, CO

City of Lafayette




Workshop information: Going From Hobbyist to Professional — How to Establish a Successful Full-Time Career as a Fiber Artist January 10, 2015  1-4 PM  at aBuzz Gallery 3340 Walnut Street, Denver, CO Cost: $55 Limited to 15 people (minimum 10)

To register, mail check (and your name, address, email, and cell #) to Carol Ann Waugh  1163 Vine St  Denver, CO 80206  For additional information contact Carol at

Publications:“Grizzly” created by Linda H MacDonald is pictured in Machine Quilting Unlimited in the Nov/Dec issue. Grissly-sm


The current, November/December 2014 Cloth Paper Scissors magazine includes this article by Geri deGruy creating mixed-media mosaics.

You can find more information at

GeriRemember I am just an email away. Write me with anything you want to share!

Until next week………



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