What’s your story?

Let’s Get to Know Each Other


I love meeting art quilters!

Art Quilters are smart, inquisitive, interesting and above all diverse.Everytime I get into a group of art quilters I meet engaging people who have become art quilters from a variety of backgrounds. That’s one of the reasons SAQA is such a dynamic organization.  I would love to hear your story. How you came to be a SAQA person?

Write a little bit about yourself and how came to be an art quilter via email to: Margaret (metaphysicalquilter@gmail.com)  Below is our first SAQA story. 

Welcome to Mary Louis Gerek. Mary is  SAQA member who is new to our region. I asked Mary to write a little bit about herself to share with members.

My husband and I lived in Rochester, NY since we were married – many years ago.  I had learned to knit from my grandmother and started spinning my own yarn in 1993.  I started quilting in 2004 after a trip to the southwest where I was inspired by fiber work: weaving, dyeing and the handmade clothing.  I realized that I could start sewing again and move in a different creative direction.  Soon, I had quilts running around in my head that I had no idea how to approach.  I took a class with Katie Pasquini Masopust on design and doors opened.  She gave me the language and techniques to translate what was in my head into fabric.  I have also taken classes with Carol Taylor, Suzzy Payne, Judi Warren Blaydon and Cynthia Corbin.  They each gave me knowledge and skills to move forward in technique and design.

I have done several art quilts that have been in exhibits by the Rochester Area Fiber Artists.  In 2012, I made two quilts based on poems by Rochester poet, Kitty Jospe.  She chose to have each on the covers of her books, Gatherings and Mosiacq.

My husband and I recently relocated to Fort Collins, CO to take advantage of the mountains and sunshine.  I am excited to become part of the fiber art community of Colorado.  There are many inspiring artists here contributing to a creative atmosphere.


On Display at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum through January 24, 2015              Wishes Through Our Hands : A  display of Japanese Quilts Made in Response the the 2011 Tsunami .  Opening reception 5-8pm  Friday November 7



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