The Word of the year: Connect

Blue Twig Studio had a recent blog post announcing the word of the year: Connect. I am going to steal that word and use it alot this year to encourage our wonderful community of artists to grow.

c-customer-510 I have just finished writing the state of our region report for SAQA. As a representative since November, my challenge was to figure out what would help connect all of our members.

In this region we have 155 members. Of those members; half live in the Denver metro region. The other half of the members live in Utah (7), Wyoming (10) and about a dozen live only part time in our region.  Physical distance from each other is an issue.

Luckily we live a super connected age. This blog reaches every member in our region at once! Any member can comment and we can have a virtual conversation right now; but I want to do more. Here are some ideas to increase our connectedness:

  • Connect through images by starting an online gallery on this site.
  • Connect with a virtual critique group we could start on Facebook.
  • Connect by getting sharing Pinterest or Instagram Account for our region.
  • Connect by having a members open studio. ( A great chance for members who teach to introduce themselves to people in their area)
  • Connect by a meetup. The Denver Art Museum has free Saturdays on the first of the month. Why don’t SAQA members meet at the museum? If there is a museum or show in Salt Lake or on the Western Slope, why not invite members to get together?

How can we make this happen?

I need your help.

Write or comment if you see something you would like to get involved in.

I would love to hear from you!

Fred RogersMargaret



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