I wanted to share with you the theme of the show at the Denver National Quilt Festival coming up in May .


Each artist submitting to this showcase will be asked to answer the the question of  why they were inspired to go beyond the rich and varied tradition of quilting ?

As members of the Studio Art Quilters Association in the Colorado, Utah and Wyoming region we  use multiple sources of inspiration: photographs, nature, color, textures, art history, personal history, social commentary, humour………. With so many sources of inspiration it will be  no surprise to see a wide variety of techniques and array of styles.

Remember an important  goal of this exhibit to inspire others to join SAQA, so let’s show them our best work!

Opportunity to show in Washington DC at the new Textile Museum!

Entry opens October 2015. 

The Textile Museum in Washington DC has recently reopened in a fantastic new
facility on the campus of the George Washington University and will host a
SAQA exhibition there in 2016. This is an opportunity to exhibit work in a
world class museum, to do large pieces (they have one section of the gallery
space with thirty foot ceilings), and all kinds of cutting edge work that
will show the world the innovative and amazing range of SAQA’s artists.

All works will reflect upon the theme of “Diaspora.”

Diaspora is the dispersion of a people from an established ancestral homeland.

Here is the call for entry:
(either click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser).

Wise words form Leni Levenson Wiener Chair, SAQA Exhibition Committee

The theme is your inspiration, it is the door that opens to your imagination to interpret in any way you wish.
Don’t be limited by only what is suggested, stretch yourself, be inspired and create work that relates to the theme, but doesn’t not need to be literal.

Remember our word of the year: CONNECT!



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