Results of For Denver Quilt Show

BIG Thank You to all the artists who filled out the online form for the Denver International Quilt Show.

Below is the information we all need to make this easy for everyone. As of now there will be will be  28 quilts on display.

Only  10 artists cannot deliver their quilts. The good news is 9 artists have volunteered to help others get quilts to the show and  72% of artist belong to a common quilt guild (FRCQ). That means it would be easy for artists to use FRCQ as a drop off for quilts.

Other great news about our community is the willing participation of artists. 8 artists are willing to hang the show and 7 artists are willing to take down the show! This means we have more than enough people involved to get this job done.

I will be connecting with artists soon with more information. 

Can I just say: YOU ROCK!

Anyone who still wants to get involved, know you are welcome. The link to the online sign up is:

Number of quilts you intend to show

1 16 55%
2 7 24%
3 5 17%

Will you deliver your quilt(s)

Yes I will deliver my quilts 16 55%
No I cannot deliver my quilts 10 34%

Would you be willing to help …..

Hang team on Wednesday 4/29 from 9-3 8 28%
Take Down team Saturday 5/2  at 5pm 7 24%
Help other artists get quilts to this show? 9 31%
No I cannot help 13 45%

I am a member of FRCQ

Yes 21 72%
No 7 24%

Number of daily responses


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