I am so excited to announce our FIRST meeting in Utah. downloadThe very generous Polly Masaryk has offered her studio as our meeting place.
We will meet on Monday June 8th at noon. Polly’s address is 1440 East Perry Ave  in Salt Lake. Map of 1440 Perry Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84103 (you can follow the link for directions)
At the meeting  I will have the catalogue for the SAQA Exhibit travelling to the St. George Museum called Celebrating Silver . It’s an amazing collection of major quilt artists working in a wide variety of styles and materials. A must see! The show open in early September and will close mid December.
I also want to share with you information I learned at the conference that is helping me move into a position to become a Juried Artist Member and more importantly to share my work with a larger audience. Conference presenters ranged from social media experts, to fiber artists getting their MFA, curators and fellow artist sharing their successful studio practice.

The Fiberlandia conference was great! Wish more members had made it out to Portland.  Here are some pictures that I took of Portland and some wonderful art quilters.

SAQA Portland

Celebrating Silver celebrates SAQA’s 25 year anniversary and this amazing show is coming to St. George Utah!

catalogue available for sale at the SAQA store. http://www.saqa.com/

available for sale at
the SAQA store.

 The travelling show was juried by Yvonne Porcella. Artists in the show responded to the indispensable qualities of silver. From industrial use to decoration, technology, photography and medicine, its unique properties of strength, malleability, reflectivity and conductivity make it an irreplaceable force in the global market. In addition to its physical properties silver is recognized as a symbol of love, insurance and commitment.

The exhibit includes work by regional members including

Judith Trager and Charlotte Ziebarth

70in x 40in

70in x 40in

48in x 39in

48in x 39in


One thought on “EXCITED ABOUT UTAH!

  1. Although I will not be able to go to Utah to hear your talk on the Juried Artist Member process, I would really like to hear your comments. Can you post a written version of your remarks on this website, or tell me how I can hear or read them?

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