Once a Month

How much is too much? 

As a frequent reader of fellow bloggers and hooked on social media, I have to ask myself: How much is too much?

Like many of you I want to spend time making art and not spend excessive time sorting through email. I asked fellow reps at the SAQA conference in Portland what they thought.

According to experienced regional representatives the best communication system is a combination of a FACEBOOK page where members can post freely information that they want to share and monthly communication like our blog or newsletter.

So I took the dive.facebook

This blog will be posted monthly for two reasons: To value your time and allow you to immediately get the word out about any activity that would be of interest to other members.


Right now we have doubled members to the facebook page. Simply follow the link and join the group. The blog will remain active and of course I am happy to share anything you send me with members on this blog just keep in mind that monthly posting schedule!  


Above and Beyond News!

Remember our regional show “Above and Beyond” will be at the Lakewood Cultural Center in January 2016.  This is a major event and I don’t want anyone to miss out. Get into your studio and make something amazing. You can find information on the exhibits page or go to the SAQA call for entry page.

Lakewood Cultural CenterThe show will feature leading edge pieces that may use some traditional elements of the quilt, or those works using “right now” elements, or anything in between. The overall thematic content of each piece will reflect an aspect of “above and beyond” that may be literal, figurative, or metaphoric.  Landscape to dreamscape; rain to river; soaring space travel; universal to prosaic; quantum to microscopic: the range is wide open and certainly does not have to be a “landscape.”

Jurors:   Christine Adams and Lesley Riley

News From Utah:

I am so excited to announce our FIRST meeting in Utah. The very generous Polly Masaryk has offered her studio as our meeting place.We will meet on Monday June 8th at noon. Polly’s address is 1440 East Perry Ave in Salt Lake. Map of 1440 Perry Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Also in Utah the Painted Hills Fiber Artists have invited me to join their meeting on June 12 to share with them the wonderful opportunities SAQA provides for art quilters.


Member Carol Waugh will be teaching artists how to market and sell their art to the Denver art buying community.   Colorado-based artists who want to get to the next level are encouraged to apply. http://www.abuzzgallery.com/mentorships/

There is no application cost although there is a cost to taking the 6 month class. Accepted artists will get an exhibit at ABUZZ gallery in November.

Congratulations to Bev Haring for her quilt “The Edge of Eternity” being included in Sacred Threads Exhibit outside of Washington DC this summer.

Patty Hawkins and Gay Lasher are in “Pushing the Surface” at the Johnson- Humrickhouse Museum in Ohio.

Pushing the surface



2 thoughts on “Once a Month

  1. How much is too much? For a fiber artist like me, the last thing I want to do is sign up for facebook. I would like to hear from other SAQA members about what they are doing, and especially see photos of their work, but I can’t take the time away from my studio to wade through requests to friend, ads, cookies, etc.etc. Am I a Luddite? Quite likely. I love making art quilts and have been doing it for more than 30 years. Is there room for me (and others like me) in the SAQA communication system.

    • Of course there is room. You can go to the blog or write me and I will forward information. That is why there will be blog posts that come to your email, information on our website and (of course) direct communication with your regional representative. Don’t forget to check out SAQA.com, our national/international website. I hope this helps!

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