July News!

It’s time to start planning for our BIG BIG BIG show Above and Beyond.

The show will be open for entries in October.

I strongly encourage every member in our region to consider an entry.

It’s our time to shine!

A crowded gallery at the Lakewood Cultural Center site for "Above and Beyond"

A crowded gallery at the Lakewood Cultural Center site for “Above and Beyond”

Juror for Above and Beyond Lesley Riley

Juror for Above and Beyond
Lesley Riley


Find out the details on the exhibits page or on the SAQA call for entries page under regional call for entry.

541b25115f03577c88a7a2e9011765a6Look for a invitation to form a SAQA Pod in your area.

Pods are small groups of art quilters that are within easy driving distance. Emails with the contact information for SAQA members near you will be sent out in August. This is an opportunity for SAQA members to get together and have some fun.

Art, Craft & Stitch Play Day with the “Boundless Fiber Artists”

Saturday, July 25, 2015 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Lafayette Public Library,

775 W. Baseline Road, Lafayette, CO.

Come play with us! Demonstrations and hands-on play on the hour for adults and those as young as 10. It’s all free, no pre-registration, just stop by and make a project. Ongoing events including Artists at Work,  Eco-Dyeing, and a Free Art Table where you can make and take your art.


  • Special presentations are:
    11 a.m. Fast Quilting, Slow Quilting – Hand and machine quilting
    11 a.m. and ongoing – Eco Dyeing – Dye fabric using plant materials.
    12 noon – Marbling Magic – see how a special acrylic paint surface can make marbling effects on fabric or paper.
    1 p.m. Pen and Paint: Make a Mini-Coloring Book or Prayer Flag.
    2 p.m. Formal presentation, Eco-dyeing.
    3 p.m. 3-Color Tie and Dye – Make your own project with an art teacher!

If participation warrants presenters will schedule repeat demonstrations throughout the day.

Boundless Fiber Artist members have won local, national, and international awards for their excellent and innovative work. We hope you come and play with us.  Free your creative spirit, free of charge!

FACEBOOK MEMBERS: 71 and growing.

If you haven’t joined yet just follow this link: SAQA CO/WY/UT

Gallery News: I will be reformatting the gallery images to dramatically improve the speed of loading images. If you would like to add an image to the SAQA regional gallery just attach a JPEG image and send the artist name, title and dimensions to metaphysicalquilter@gmail.com.



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