The Results Are In

The jurors for our upcoming show, Above and Beyond, have done their job and the results have been reported to us.

We had a great showing of entries for this show, it must have been tough work to decide which of the 124 pieces of work would make the cut.

Congratulations to:

Margaret Abramshe, Janey Argyle, Susan Brooks, Geri deGruy, Rhonda Denney, Marcie Emily, Jo Fitsel, Barb Gardner, Charlotte Gary, Indrani Gunawardana, Michele Hardy, Jean Herman, Ronni Hunter, Cynthia Jarest, Patricia Joy, Annette Kennedy, Jane King, Phillippa Lack, Linda Laird, Gay Lasher, Sue Lewis, Kay Ligett, Lea McComas, Melody Money, Luella Morgenthaler, Barbara Olson, Casey Pike, Melody Randol, Anne Severn, Joan Sowada, Jeannie Spring, Carroll Lee Stolz, Linda Jean Strand, Anne Theobald, Judith Trager, Dianna VanderDoes, Carol Ann Waugh, Valerie White, Shea Wilkinson, Nancy Woods, Kathryn Wright, Charlotte Ziebarth

This should be a wonderful show!


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