It’s May, the weather is warmer and we’re thinking about being outdoors.   While you are out and about, think about inspiration for that piece you can enter in our next Regional Show!

We have posted the Call for Entries for our next regional show on the blog (  Under the Western Sun will be hung in the new location of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, and we have also invited our neighboring region, New Mexico, to join us for this exciting theme.

We think this is going to be a really dynamic, exciting show, because we believe you will all create some amazing work for it!

Want to get a little something extra from your SAQA membership?

Try checking out the wonderful SAQA webinars available with your membership.

The most current is Lightning Talks. The talk includes 20 images with artist narration in six and a half minutes. You’ll hear about everything from travel inspiration, vintage linens, creative kids, pattern making and self confidence. Participants include SAQA members Amy Meissner, Cindy Friedman, Diane Melms, Carole Staples, Jill Kerttula, Geri Patterson-Kutras and Jan Tetzlaff.

For list of webinars follow this link: Webinars


Is your information on this blog current?  There on the right hand side is a list of our members that have a site of their own.  Is your site there?  Is it the right one? If you need to have changes made, please let Bev know (


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