Happy New Year


The Sound of Water by Margaret Abramshe is one of the pieces chosen for the upcoming all SAQA show titled H2Oh.

In addition to Margaret, these members of our region will also have pieces in the show:  Regina Benson, Judith Duffield and Gay Lasher.   What great representation of our region to the world!

Congratulations to each of you!

Entries for   Under the Western Sun   are now open.  We have already received a couple of entries, and we look forward to this being a really great show!

Entries close at 11 pm MST on January 31 (so you have a little time, but don’t dally!!)

Mary Louise and I are working on the annual State of the Region report that is required this time each year .

In order to properly report time expended on behalf of our region, we would appreciate your input.  If you helped hang a show, take down a show, worked the SAQA booth in Houston, participated in presenting a trunk show —- we’d like to know about it.

Please drop one of us a note by January 15 and let us know how much time and how many miles you expended on our behalf — and thank you in advance!!




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