A Surprise in San Diego

My husband and I spent last week (a rather cold and rainy one, unfortunately) in San Diego.  One of the must see stops was the Visions Art Quilt Museum. For those who are not familiar with it, Visions is a museum totally dedicated to textile fine art.Visions Art Murseum


As I paid my modest admission fee, I turned around and what did I see but an exhibit of several works by Valerie White, a SAQA member from Denver.

Valerie White

I instantly recognized her work, as I had seen some of her Roots series.  The quilts in the exhibit were from her Below Sacred Ground series. They were in an alcove just off the reception area, very prominently displayed and beautifully lit.

Below Sacred Ground

I felt so excited to actually know an exhibitor in the museum. Of course, I blurted out, “I know Valerie!”  I then had a chance to talk with the volunteer about how much I like her work.

And, not only did I know Valerie’s work, earlier in the trip, we were touring artist studios in Balboa Park.  I met the lady who purchased Melody Randal’s work from the previous show that had just come down the week before.  She is a fiber artist who works primarily with felt.

Not only does this prove we have a small world, we have a small fiber art world as well. As a member of SAQA, I am getting to know the work of more artists and see them in my travels.

So, if you are in San Diego soon, be sure to drop by and see Valerie’s work, as well as the wonderful exhibit they have in the main gallery.  It includes a room of 3-D work.  I can’t remember the names of the exhibit or of the artists.  The website is undergoing an update, so some of the links are broken.

Also, if you are traveling elsewhere and see a SAQA member’s work from CO/UT/WY, please let Bev or me know.  We will be sure to put it on the blog.

Mary Louise


2 thoughts on “A Surprise in San Diego

  1. The show in the main gallery of Visions Art Quilt Museum is ‘Freeze Frame’, an invitational show of work by artists who use figures in their artwork. Artists are Joan Sowada, Alice Beasley, Jennifer Day, Sherry Davis Kleinman, Lori Lupe Pelish, and Susan Polansky. The 3-D show is ‘Topsy Turvy’ by Susan Else. These shows are up until April 2. Tuesday – Saturday 10-4 and Sunday noon-4. Joan Sowada is a member of FRCQ and is a SAQA regional member.

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