Correction to Sacred Threads List

Please include your congratulations to Valerie Cecilia White of Denver, CO for her acceptance in Sacred Threads.  Mary Louise missed her in the original list.  I am very sorry.


2 thoughts on “Correction to Sacred Threads List

  1. Hi, I know Colorado is my “second SAQA home” to Florida but I am happy to know I will be there in CO this summer with relatives and I look forward to seeing many of my fiber art friends.
    Meanwhile….I, too, am pleased I was accepted into the Sacred Threads exhibit with my piece “Post Traumatic Stress Demons” which was exhibited last year in Golden at the “Engaged Art” exhibit, Foothills Art Center. I would also like to say that my installation was accepted into the MoFA (Museum of Fine Art) in Tallahassee exhibit for 2018 called ” ‘Waging Peace’: In The Spirit of Guernica”.
    Most recently, I am also exhibiting social commentary work in St Louis, MO,, in Johnson City, TN, and in Dunedin, FL.
    thanks, patricia anderson turner

    • Patricia, I am so sorry I did not include you. Thank you so much for your reminding me that you are a member in our region. Congratulations on Sacred Threads. Hope to see you in Washington.
      Mary Louise

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