Critique Groups

As a region, we strongly encourage members to be involved in a critique group!

The critique group is a great place for both experienced and budding artists. You can start with using our connections lists to find other SAQA members in your area. Do not be afraid to invite non members to your group. It’s a great way to introduce SAQA to a large community of fiber artists. 

Take a minute and read the expert from the “Jump Start Guide” . You will find links to our regions connections lists, the full “Jump Start Guide” and another document written by Marjorie Jannotta* called “Take the EEK out of Critique”.

*Dr. Jannotta has long been a social science researcher, teacher and organizational development consultant.  Recently sane, she now wants only to pursue the quilting arts.


Exerpt from:

“Jump Start Guide to Successful Quilt/Fiber Art Critique Groups”
by Marjorie Jannotta 
This handout will help you plan and launch an art critique group. (For simplicity I will refer to contemporary quilts, mixed media works with stitch, and fiber art as “art.”)
Critique groups can serve several purposes that a larger, formal quilt guild or association cannot. Critique groups can:
• Provide a “nest” or “incubator” for those wanting to explore art ideas, learn skills informally, and try out new approaches in a supportive climate.
• Give each person a chance to sharpen skills in examining, analyzing, and understanding the work of others.
• Let participants receive specific viewpoints about artworks before, during, and after they are made.
• Create a learning climate that creates affiliation and friendship among participants.
• Be a platform for exhibits, community outreach, teaching, and contributing to associations and other groups.
• Avoid formal bureaucracies that take time away from the art itself.

LINKS: Connections List,  Jumpstart Guide and Take the EEK! out of Critique.