2019 Exhibit


Evolving Perceptions

June 28 through September 30, 2019

Foothills Arts Center

Golden, CO

Call for Entry information will be available in February, 2018.  Entry is open February 1 – 28, 2019.


Edward Bono said, “If you can change your perception, you can change your emotion, and this can lead to new ideas.” Most people relate to and have fond memories associated with quilts; those covers for a bed made from pieces of fabric that are stitched together and filled with padding. This exhibit is intended to challenge the perceptions of what a quilt is; an exhibit that will be exciting, cutting edge and will stretch the imagination of the viewer as to what an art quilt can be. It is an opportunity for the artist to be innovative in color, line, composition and materials in depicting their vision, whether realistic, representational or abstract. The artist is invited to submit pieces that explore the limits of the medium, including 3-D and multimedia (including video and audio).




3 thoughts on “2019 Exhibit

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